Michele Collins, Elkins, NC

Tony of Sunnyside Gourmet created an amazing feast for our May 5th, 2012 wedding. Tony put together a beautiful array of delicious vegetarian dishes, smoked fish and a butternut squash lasagna, as well as a personal favorite, smoked eggplant with buttermilk sauce and pomegranate seeds.  He really listened to what we wanted (even though we were rather vague), and he was able to translate it into a dinner that really made the reception a special celebration. It was a wonderful gift that we could provide to our friends and family, all of whom (28 people) commented on how much they loved the food. His commitment to high quality, fresh, organic ingredients, and his passion and love for creating unique and flavorful dishes makes his food one of the best meals you will ever eat.

John Feffer, Hyattesville, MD

Bright, bold flavors. And willing to accommodate nearly all tastes, including the host's passion for banana cream pies. Delicious shrimp, humus with preserved lemons, little French chick pea pizzas, and the aforementioned banana cream pie, the best I've ever had!

Libby McFarlane, San Francisco CA

"I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner prepared by Sunnyside Gourmet. Chef Tony Avirgan  prepared a feast of delicious, exotic, & aromatic dishes for us to share among our friends. His slow-cooked seafood paella was seasoned to perfection, using his outdoor smoker to infuse a smoky accent to this traditional dish. Tony has a unique ability as a chef and person to open one's mind and palette to new tastes and the creative expression of distinctive flavors from around the globe."

Michelle Bordeu, Boston MA

Chef Tony's food was fabulous ... full of texture and rich flavors yet subtle enough to smell and taste the delicate individual ingredients ... perfect balance!

Sandra Tassel, Bellingham, Washington

Washington DC promotes itself as a fine dining destination. And there certainly are restaurants for every imaginable cuisine and many famous, expensive eateries boasting innovative dishes and celebrity chefs. As someone who REALLY likes good, fresh, creative food I visited a number of the recommended restaurants when I first moved to the area. For the most part I felt as though I paid for ambience, service, presentation and popularity as much as the taste and quality of the food. I was fond of saying “The best meals I’ve had in the DC area were at my own house”. That was until I had the good fortune to eat meals prepared by Tony Avirgan.

Tony has an innate sense for seasonings and combining ingredients. Everything (truly!) he has prepared for me has had perfect flavors. Not too strong, not too bland. It seems that some chefs combine things just to be unusual, producing odd results that are memorable mostly for being different. If Tony experiments with ingredients that I had not previously imagined together the result will be an inspiration that I want to try to emulate.

The food from Tony’s kitchen is tasty in part because one can sense that love is one of the ingredients. He is passionate about cooking and at his happiest creating a wonderful meal. What more could one want in a caterer? You too will say “The best meals I’ve had in DC where made by Tony at Sunnyside Gourmet.”

Prof. Isabel Vergara, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Chef Tony’s dishes are fresh, innovative, and delicious. His meals are unparalleled in their creativity; he is able to take the simplest organic ingredients and convert them into culinary masterpieces. His food invites you to the pleasure of good living, and is simply the best I have tasted.